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Fly Nowhere has taken the discipline of kit design into experimental territory for its latest project, appearing at the 13th edition of the contemporary art biennial Manifesta Biennial — hosted this year in Marseille, France — having designed and produced a series of conceptual goalkeeper uniforms for an exhibition titled “The Keepers” by Russian artist Arseny Zhilyaev.

The installation presents fragments of a museum exhibition from a potential future, and Zhilyaev tapped Fly Nowhere to work on a costume display that commemorates a football match in a dystopian Marseille, with an imagined ultra-defensive version of the game featuring only goalkeepers, played between groups in social conflict — police, residents, activists, and artists. The photo shown here is from the first of four installations — the police, at Musée Grobet-Labadié. The displays are being hosted in prominent institutions around the city.

To complete the costumes, Fly Nowhere engaged Milan-based studio Phiware for Jacquard fabrics and Brooklyn-based goalkeeper equipment brand Storelli for components.

Fly Nowhere has worked with Italian football club Venezia FC to conceive VFC AiR, a first-of-its-kind artist residency program, with American footballer-turned-photographer Ethan White as its first resident artist.

VFC AiR has received international attention since its launch, and, as football-culture magazine Rivista Undici writes, “feeds the idea that Venezia FC is trying to be something more than a Serie B club.”

To see Ethan’s work this season, follow Venezia FC on Instagram at @veneziafc and search the hashtag #VFCAiR.